Watch Winder for watch Speake-Marin J-Class Resilence

Watch winders for Speake-Marin J-Class Resilence

Owners of Speake-Marin J-Class Resilence need an adequate budget to keep their Speake-Marin Resilence in top condition.

So, if you are lucky enough to have a Speake-Marin J-Class Resilence in your collection, you need the best equipment to maintain it. With that in mind, we recommend a watch winder from Temporalité de Paris for your Speake-Marin J-Class Resilence, it's the best option than a simple case, as it not only protects the watch, but also maintains it.

What is the best watch winder for Speake-Marin J-Class Resilence ?

For those looking for a watch winder specifically for a Speake-Marin Resilence, from the J-Class family with reference PIC.10010 we highly recommend investing in a programmable watch winder, as it is more versatile and allows you to set the number of revolutions per day and the winding direction.

We've already raved about the quality of Speake-Marin Resilence watches, and if your collection is all about Speake-Marin, it helps to choose a watch winder that matches your watch.

For your Speake-Marin J-Class Resilence that has a Vaucher caliber VMF 3002 / H,M,SC, you can click on the Temporalité de Paris guide for Speake-Marin which will display a complete table of the Speake-Marin with all the necessary information for winding your watch.

Specificity of a watch Speake-Marin J-Class Resilence

The watch Speake-Marin Resilence belongs to the family J-Class with the reference Resilence.

This watch uses a caliber of Vaucher caliber VMF 3002 / H,M,SC and this edition is not limited. It is of form Round and measure of diameter 38,00 millimeters and 12,00 millimeters of height. It has a color White and is composed of Red Gold.


  • Speake-Marin
  • J-Class
  • Resilence
  • PIC.10010
  • Vaucher caliber VMF 3002 / H,M,SC


  • Year of production not communicated
  • This edition is not limited


  • 38,00 millimeters in diameter
  • 12,00 millimeters in height
  • 22,00 millimeters in lug width


  • Red Gold
  • Sapphire