Watch Winders Patek Philippe

History of Patek Philippe

The original company was founded in Geneva in 1839 by two Polish watchmakers in exile: Antoine Norbert de Patek (1812-1877) and François Czapek (born April 4, 1811 in the Czech village of Semonice).

Antoine Norbert de Patek flees Poland and arrives in Geneva. As the two partners became more and more opposed, Czapek gave way to the French engineer Jean Adrien Philippe, whom Patek had met in 1844 at the Universal Exhibition in Paris. The engineer invents an easy-to-wind pocket watch with a crown, and it is he who adapts the pantograph to the company's watchmaking needs. 1845 The company Patek, Czapek et Cie is dissolved, Antoine Norbert de Patek, Jean Adrien Philippe and Vincent Gostowski found the company Patek & Cie in Geneva. In 1851, the trio changed the name of the company to Patek, Philippe & Cie. The brand was taken over by the Stern family in 1932 and is still owned by the family today.

Patek Philippe specializes in high quality watches. The company is one of the few to keep all the contact details of its customers since the start of the campaign. It has brought many novelties to the watch industry, such as women's watches and even easy-to-wind watches. Since 1845, she has filed more than 70 patents.

I need a watch winder for my Patek Philippe watch ?

If you don't wear your Patek Philippe every day, consider putting it on a watch winder, because your Patek Philippe needs to be wound a certain number of times a day to fully wind the mainspring and extend its life.

A watch winder is a luxury device that maintains your Patek Philippe without worrying about winding it.

But if you wear your Patek Philippe every day, you don't need to put it in your winder.

Rotation direction for Patek Philippe

The watch winder must work properly to properly wind your Patek Philippe. It must be able to rotate clockwise, counter-clockwise and in both directions.

If your Patek Philippe needs to be wound clockwise, turning your watch counter-clockwise will not power it, so it will not be wound. To find out the direction of rotation of your Patek Philippe, you can follow our winding parameters for Patek Philippe.

Tours per day for Patek Philippe

The minimum number of revolutions an automatic watch needs to gain power often varies from day to day.

For example, most Patek Philippe watches require 800 TPD, you can check the winding parameters for Patek Philippe.

If you spin a Patek Philippe watch winder at 200 or 400 TPD, the watch will not gain any power and the watch will stop.

With an adjustable direction of rotation, you have all the possibilities to wind your automatic watch.

Temporalité de Paris watch winders

The watch winder for Patek Philippe by Temporalité de Paris is a luxury accessory made of the best materials to take care of your Patek Philippe watch.

Designed by our designers, our Patek Philippe watch winders are refined and dynamic.

We apply the same standards to our products as the most prestigious watch brands such as Patek Philippe. We know that precision is paramount, which is why all of our watch winders for Patek Philippe are assembled by hand.

For manufacturing, we only use high-end products so that our watch winders are durable. Our products are made with materials from the best countries like Germany or Japan, in order to provide the best service for your Patek Philippe.