User's Guide Watch Winder Futur

1 - Register a new user

Once the Watch Winder is open, click the set button.

The green indicator light will stay on for 5 seconds.

Within 5 seconds, place your finger on the sensor 5 times. The green light should flicker indicating the recognition was successful.

2 - Unlock the Watch Winder


Next, press the sensor, if the light flashed 2 times then registration was successful.

If the red light flashes, the registration failed and you should try again.

3 - Reset and Delete Fingerprint

To reset and delete fingerprint, press and hold the SET button for 3 or more seconds.

If the green light flashes 3 times, then all fingerprints have been deleted.

4 - Fingerprint Capacity 

The Watch Winder can store a maximum of five different fingerprints.


5 - Low Battery Warning

When you touch the sensor, if the red light flashes 3 times, then the battery capacity is low.


6 - Charge Indicator

While charging, the red indicator light will flash quickly. Once the green indicator light becomes solid, the charging is complete.

Please charge the battrey fully (more than one hour) for the first time use.